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Our Moissy-Cramayel facility, formerly Vermetal, uses its long-standing expertise to provide solutions tailored to our customers’ specific needs in the field of ceramic-to-metal assemblies, glass-to-metal sealing, high-precision technical ceramic machining and flash lamps.

Our products are used in high-tech equipment such as electron guns and X-ray sources for the medical sector, vacuum processing machines, industrial and aeronautical sensors, particle accelerators, high-power lasers, satellites or atomic clocks. Many components are also used for national defense and nuclear applications.

Ceramic-to-metal brazing

Brazing is the process of fitting two parts together permanently by melting a filler metal between them. This technology ensures a leak-proof seal and vacuum resistance, and is of particular interest compared to other joining methods such as welding, gluing or screwing.

Glass-to-metal sealing

Assembly process resulting from glass fusion onto metal at high temperature. The glass-to-metal technology has the advantage of allowing for complex shaping.



Ceramic-to-metal or glass-to-metal assembly

Examples of products

  • Ultra-vacuum and high-voltage feedthroughs (ceramic-to-metal or glass-to-metal assemblies)
  • Multi-pin and coaxial connectors (ceramic-to-metal or glass-to-metal assemblies)
  • Machined ceramics
  • Windows, gauges, filaments for leak detectors
  • RX tubes
  • Flash lamps