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SOLCERA have extensive know-how in designing and manufacturing technical ceramics, as well as glass-to-metal and ceramic-to-metal assemblies. Our products and solutions are based on advanced technologies, making use of a wide range of oxide and non-oxide ceramics developed in-house.

Our facilities at Evreux and Moissy-Cramayel are both vertically integrated, giving us complete control over the entire manufacturing process: powder preparation, shaping, heat treatment, machining, finishing, assembling and inspection. The production of prototypes as well as small and medium-sized series is carried out by our specialists, whose broad expertise and know-how have built our company’s reputation for excellence.

Our process and materials competencies, combined with the exceptional characteristics of high-performance ceramics, give us a strong presence across a number of cutting-edge industries such as aeronautics, aerospace, agriculture, national defense, nuclear power, luxury goods and research.

Remaining attentive to the needs of our customers and focusing on co-development, we design and manufacture products that meet the most demanding environments: corrosive or abrasive applications, high temperature, electrical insulation, high pressure, cryogenics, vacuum and ultra-vacuum resistance.

We provide technical support right from the system design stage and we are proactive in finding solutions for developing prototypes able to validate working hypotheses.

Our long-term partnerships with major public and private sector players, the internal transmission of knowledge and our R&D team dedicated to innovation are all key elements that ensure the growth of our company and the longevity of its know-how.

SOLCERA provides quality products and services while operating in a manner that responsibly protects the environment and safety of its customers, employees, suppliers and service providers :
• Quality assurance
• Respect for the environment
• Priority on health and safety

You will find enclosed our supplier quality charter and our QSE policy update to February 14 , 2019.

Supplier charter