SOLCERA DO BRASIL is the leading manufacturer of advanced ceramics in Brazil with a wide range of oxide ceramics for demanding applications: anti-abrasion solutions, spraying and misting accessories and electro-ceramic solutions.
The faciltly is ISO-9001 certified and covers an area of 35,000 m2. It is located in the city of Vinhedo, about 80 km from Sao Paulo, the economic center of Brazil.

Applications and markets 

Among the products offered by SOLCERA DO BRASIL 

  • Highly wear resistant coatings for very aggressive applications in the mining industry, grain silos, asphalt etc. The product range includes single ceramics or panels assembled from alumina tiles with metal or vulcanized rubber.
  • Igniters for automatic ignition systems of domestic gas stoves. Solcera provides a complete solution that includes the high-voltage insulating ceramic body and connectors.
  • Spray and misting nozzles as well as accessories for agricultural and industrial applications under the brand name KGF®


  • Alumina oxides (96% to 99.2%): Abrasion resistance, electrical insulation, good ballistic performance
  • Steatite: Reduction of electrical loss, very good electrical insulator
  • Cordierite: Resistance to thermal shock> 1500 ° C

The Vinhedo facility in Brazil

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