Our team of technical experts in the field of ceramic-to-metal seals at our facility in Moissy-Cramayel (only 30 minutes south-east of Paris), formerly known as VERMETAL, has developed a unique expertise in the production of highly engineered brazed assemblies.

These hermetic ceramic-to-metal seals have been designed for the most extreme applications that exceed the limits of conventional materials and solutions: Electrical insulation, high temperature, high pressure, high voltage, high-vacuum HV and ultra-high vacuum UHV reliability, cryogenics or corrosive environments.

The main markets served for hermetic feedthroughs and ceramic-to-metal seals are aircraft, aerospace, defense, nuclear, physical research, electron and vacuum tubes, also known as valves, such as X-ray tubes for medical imaging or materials science.

Solcera offers material combinations including

  • Insulators: 96 to 99% alumina, zirconia, sapphire, quartz, CaF₂ , MgF₂ , spinel
  • Metals: FeNi, FeNiCo, copper, Inconel, stainless steel, molybdenum, nickel, platinum, titanium
  • Brazing materials for low and high temperatures
  • Additional treatments as gold plating, glazing
  • Welding operations: TIG, electron beam EB or laser

Solcera uses two main processes making an alloying reaction possible

  • Ceramic-to-metal assembly with prior moly-manganese MoMn metallization, fired under controlled atmosphere, followed by nickel plating and sinter-firing for conventional brazing processes with alloys such as AgCu.
  • Assembly using active metal brazing alloys. These alloys contain an “active” element such as Ti reacting with oxygen. An active Ti-based metallization is deposited either by brush or by PVD sputtering followed by active brazing processes.

Ceramic-to-metal brazing

fabrication des céramiques

Ceramic-to-metal or glass-to-metal assembly ?

High-pressure applicationsGoodExcellent
Metallic materials compatibilityWideNarrow
Helium leak-proof10-¹² mbar.l/s/cm²10-¹² mbar.l/s/cm²
Insulation and electrical performances ExcellentGood
Temperature resistanceExcellentGood
Geometric accuracyExcellentGood
Corrosion resistanceExcellentGood
Assembly mechanical strengthGoodExcellent

Solcera has a strong know-how in both assembly technologies. Our experts will guide you in choosing the solution that better meets your needs.

Examples of products :

  • Hermetic ultra-vacuum UHV and high-voltage feedthroughs
  • Multipin and coaxial connectors
  • Brazed assemblies for pressure sensors, distance sensors
  • Brazed windows viewports
  • Flash lamps for high power laser amplifiers
  • X-ray tubes


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