• Defense : Solcera is a solutions expert in ballistic protection for Defense and Security, as well as in embedded optronics.
  • Aircraft Aerospace : Advanced ceramics and ceramic-to-metal seals from Solcera are recognized for their extreme thermal strength, electrical insulation, ability to withstand vibration and corrosion.
  • Optics Photonics : Solcera has developed an advanced manufacturing process for their transparent spinel ceramic material MgAl2O4 that makes it possible to manufacture all kinds of optical components from near UV (300 nm) to Mid Wave Infrared MWIR (5500 nm).
  • Energy : Advanced ceramics and hermetic assembly solutions are used in a wide range of applications for both fossil and renewable energy production and storage.
  • Research : In recent years, Solcera has strengthened its presence in the field of large scientific instruments, notably particle accelerators for scientific or industrial applications.
  • Industry Environment : Ceramics and ceramic-to-metal assemblies from Solcera provide solutions adapted to each specific problem related to conditions of use in extremely harsh environments.
  • Agriculture : For over 50 years Solcera’s brand Albuz® has been recognized as the leader in the agricultural ceramic spray nozzle market suitable for all sprayers in low crops as well as in orchards and vineyards.
  • Luxury : With a hardness close to that of diamond, ceramic offers great scratch resistance. Solcera supports designers in watchmaking, jewelry and luxury accessories in the design and production of ceramic components: Case middles, Bezels, Backs, Crowns, Push-bottoms, Dials, Links, Buckles…
  • Brazil : hrough this acquisition in 2018, Solcera strengthens its historic activities in Brazil, in particular in the field of agricultural spraying.

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