Ceramics enhance luxury 

The use of ceramics for luxury products has experienced sustainable development, serving markets such as jewelry, high-end watchmaking and accessories.

With its hardness close to diamond, ceramic offers great resistance to scratches.
Lightweight and biocompatible, it is hypoallergenic, has a smooth touch and adapts to body temperature almost immediately.

Solcera supports designers in watchmaking, jewelry and luxury accessories in the design and production of ceramic components : Case middles, Bezels, Backs, Crowns, Push-bottoms, Dials, Links, Buckles…

Ceramic materials

  • The preferred ceramic material widely used is yttria-stabilized zirconia grade ZHYT and offers a wide variety of colors as well as excellent polishing, microblasting and satin-finishing qualities.
  • Solcera masters all typical shaping or forming technologies for advanced ceramics including uniaxial pressing, isostatic pressing, extrusion, slip casting, injection molding, hot pressing and can thus determine the solution adapted to the specific needs of each customer.
  • Transparency and Performance with CERA4VIEW® : Solcera offers a new spinel material MgAl2O4 allowing unlimited imagination in design and provides clarity and brilliance combined with its remarkable mechanical strength of advanced ceramics.
  • The wide range of our materials, our experience in high-tech markets with an R&D department on site as well as the vertical integration of our process, guarantee products that meet the highest quality standards.

Our ceramics in luxury

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