Solcera glass-to-metal seals are designed, manufactured and tested at our facility in Moissy-Cramayel (formerly known as VERMETAL) located 30 minutes from Paris.

Our technical experts work in partnership with our customers very early in the product development process in order to provide the most suitable solution in terms of design and materials for glass-to-metal sealing technologies.

The main markets served for seals are aircraft, aerospace, defense, nuclear and physical research. The glass-to-metal assemblies meet the very demanding needs of electrical insulation, hermeticity, high-vacuum HV and ultra-high vacuum UHV reliability or high-pressure capability.

Solcera offers material combinations including

  • Glasses: borosilicate, electronic, quartz
  • Metals: FeNiCo, stainless steel, copper, molybdenum, tungsten
  • Sealing technologies: glassblowing, high-frequency, oven furnace glass sealing technology

This list is non exhaustive and please feel free to contact us for further information

Ceramic-to-metal or glass-to-metal assembly ?

High-pressure applicationsGoodExcellent
Metallic materials compatibilityWideNarrow
Helium leak-proof10-¹² mbar.l/s/cm²10-¹² mbar.l/s/cm²
Insulation and electrical performances ExcellentGood
Temperature resistanceExcellentGood
Geometric accuracyExcellentGood
Corrosion resistanceExcellentGood
Assembly mechanical strengthExcellentGood
Résistance mécanique de l'assemblageBonneExcellente

Solcera has a strong know-how in both assembly technologies. Our experts will guide you in choosing the solution that better meets your needs.

Glass-To-Metal Sealing

scellement verre-metal

Examples of products

  • Hermetic feedthroughs
  • Multipin and coaxial connectors
  • Windows Viewports
  • Gauges
  • Filaments
  • X-ray tubes
  • Flash lamps for high power laser amplifiers


Glass metal
Glass Metal
Glass Metal

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